He restoreth my Soul….

There is an aspect to working on Mater that parallels what God has done in my life.

Mater, as best as I can guess, was given up on at some point when his engine broke down. He no longer was effective for what he was originally designed.
God created each and everyone of us. His Word tells me that we are each “fearfully and wonderfully made”… and that God knew us from before He formed us in the womb. We also understand that God created Adam and Eve in the garden specifically to tend the garden and fellowship with Him.
After 30 plus years as a Born Again Christian (restored) I have learned that Christianity is ALL about having an intimate, personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
When I was 21, I was as far from God as I could get. I wanted nothing to do with Him, and was rebelling at the very thought of Him. I, like Saul of Tarsus, persecuted the Christians I knew and was living a life of sin. But God did not give up on me. He was able to see the potential that He had originally designed in me.
SO, I see a spiritual side to taking Mater and restoring him, giving him new life, no longer rusting away in some field. Jesus said “You must be born again.” The old things pass away, behold all things are new.


Coming soon…..

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