Body Work Cab

I thought the cab was in good shape, although I hadn’t inspected it very much. However the more I read on FTE, the more concerned I got about exactly what I would find when I sandblasted….

This is what I found after inspecting the cab. This was the most serious rust, but it was confined to this one rear cab corner. There was a small hole near the door frame as well and I purchased a repair patch panel from MidFifty, but the PP didn’t fit all the way into the door frame. So I had to fab a real pain in the neck piece to fit between the PP and the door frame. It had multiple compound bends and angles. Once welded in and some bondo, it turned out good.

Well, finally put some COLOR on ole Mater…

Was going to start with the fenders, but when I was cleaning them to prepare for paint, there were some scratches and dings from sitting around the shop for so long.  Did wet sand them and fixed the scratches etc.  Put one last coat of primer on them as well.   THEN I got some color on the cab and hood….

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