Body Work Fenders Front

Once we got all the parts and pieces off mater, we started banging and straightening, and sanding, and sanding and sanding…..

Front fenders were the worst as far as dents, rear fenders had rust.

You can see we hadn’t poured the concrete floor yet…

I had never done any body work before, so these might not be show quality, I am still extremely happy with the results.

Pounding out the dents was a challenge because you can’t easily get to the backside of where the dents were. After much pondering, I finally figured I couldn’t mess them up any more than they already were and put them on a sand bag and used a long (12″) BOLT, that had a somewhat rounded head (edges anyway) to reach in and hit with a mallet. It worked much better than I expected and with some bondo, and a LOT of sanding, I was happy with the results. I used Rage Extreme as bondo and liked it, but for some reason, I was not happy with Rage Gold.???

After fixing the lower dents, I discovered rust through on the inside and outside top of the front fender. I cut it out and welded in some new steel.

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